I created this small web app to be used in the coming summer, to find other musicians for spontaneous sessions and to learn about azure web apps.Actually the app is prepared to run as Azure Web App (Python). Clone this git repo, install dependencies, configure and run. Or deploy by Azure pipeline. Create a Python Webapp, Azure devops Project, and edit/run the azure-pipelines.yml, after set up.

Workadventure World Generator

Create Workadventure maps and worlds (set of interconnected maps) suitable for "rc3" or "vanilla" Workadventure instances.

  • Generate maps from templates and generator scripts.

  • Check maps for errors and missing resources and display this in an interactive graph view.

  • Fix map errors using the graph view.

  • Apply some overwrites and fixes to generate maps which will run in default workadventure and / or the community / rc3 edition.

  • Merge resources metadata (licenses, …​) into a single file info to be used in maps.



Jamulus Server on Azure

Creates a Jamulus Server installation on Azure.

CC Mixter Client

a command line client for cc mixter that makes use of the cc mixter api. Downloads the uploads from given cc mixter artist name or selection criterias.



QNAP NAS - Docker

Creates the listed services with docker-compose on a QNAP NAS. Includes configuration examples to expose those services, attach your own domain and include ssl certs.

Raspberry PI - Docker - Bluetooth - lego

Weather - Info

Get latest climate station observations from Deutscher Wetter Dienst (DWD) - Climate Data Center (CDC)